Натюрморты 26 (на английском языке)

Натюрморты 26 (на английском языке)


Содержание или о чем литература Натюрморты 26 (на английском языке) Культура. Искусство. Designed and created as both a valuable tool for beginners and a strong support for professional artists, the Leonardo Collection stands out for its clear explanations, plain language, and especially for its intelligent, well-directed choice of illustrations.The Collection offers exhaustive information on methods and strategies in both drawing and painting, starting from the basics of drawing and gradually presenting various media and techniques in a vast range of subjects. The first five titles of the series have been adopted by many art schools throughout the world because of the informative and easy to follow step-by-step practice and demonstration approach.Each manual in the Leonardo Collection explores a single subject matter, but taken together they create a comprehensive survey of drawing and painting useful for artists of all levels and abilities who want to expand their knowledge and skills.Издание полностью на английском языке.

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