Country Hotels

Country Hotels


Содержание или о чем литература Country Hotels Культура. Искусство. Anyone who thinks the world`s hippest, most jaw-dropping hotels can only be found in cities will be astounded by this photographic tour through the global countryside. In Granada, Ibiza, and Terenife- in the Yucatan and on Saranac Lake- in the Loire Valley, the English countryside and the Seychelles - world-renowned architects have founded ways to combine ultimate luxury with breathtaking vistas and authentic culture with exquisite appointments. 400 color photographs.Text in English, German, French, Spanish As this colorful book reveals, the quaint old-country inn of the past has given way to interiors and amenities that will astound even the most jaded traveler. A perfect introduction to luxury globetrotting - and a suitable substitution for those who can only dream about it - this pocketsized collection of images is brimming with surprising details and delightful revelations about traveling beyond the city limits.

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